Tutor and Home-Learning Interview Guide

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many schools are offering remote learning or a hybrid model of remote and in-person learning.  In either situation, many children will engage in academic activities from their homes while their parents try to work.  Consequently, many parents are seeking private tutoring/home-learning services to assist their children.

Tutoring services can be provided virtually, at learning centers, or in your home.  Choosing the option that works best for your family depends upon many factors, including your child’s academic and developmental needs and your comfort with bringing your child to a center or having a tutor in your home.  Once you decide which option(s) might work for your family, your Employee Assistance Program can work to locate resources within the community.

When you find tutoring resources, it is important to carefully screen and interview candidates.  Below are questions to consider as you make the best decision for your family.
·       For how long have you been tutoring?  Can you tell me about your tutoring experience?

·       What ages do you typically tutor?

·       What is your academic background?  Do you have specific training in the subject you are tutoring?

·       Have you seen improvements with students you have tutored? Can you describe these improvements?

·       Do you have experience working with children who have different learning styles and/or learning disabilities?

·       Will you bring your own materials, or will we need to provide materials?  If bringing your own, which types of materials will you bring?

·       Will you be in contact with my child’s school/guidance counselor?

·       Will you follow the specific school’s curriculum? 

·       Would you be willing to try a practice tutoring session?  Do you offer trial periods when beginning with someone new?

·       If my child is having a hard time grasping information during a session, how will you handle that?

·       Are you insured?

·       Are you able to provide references?

·       Do you have access to reliable transportation?

·       What is your availability?

·       What does your cancellation policy look like?

Finalizing the process
Once you have interviewed the candidates and narrowed the options, these final steps can help you make the best choice:

·       Call the tutor’s references

·       Complete a background check

·       Discuss pay rate, frequency of payment (e.g., per session, weekly, etc.), and payment method (ex., check, cash, Venmo)

·       Develop and agree on a cancellation policy

Using your Employee Assistance Program
You may need to interview multiple tutoring candidates to find the best fit for your child.  We hope that these questions serve as a starting point for interviewing candidates. If you need assistance locating tutoring resources, please call KGA at 1-800-648-9557 and we can help find tutoring companies and/or ways to locate tutors in your area.
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