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Unconscious Bias

The focus of this interactive session is to understand how unconscious bias and micro-aggressions can play out in the workplace, how to recognize them, and what to do to address them.  We will talk about how normal it is for all humans to have unconscious biases, and the importance of exploring them in order to reshape our own “habits of mind” in the process.  We will discuss strategies to create environments that are respectful, psychologically safe, and promote trust so that all voices can be heard.  Most of all, this session can help us be curious and seek feedback from others, understanding that this is a lifelong process.  

Course Deliverables:
  • Understand that unconscious bias is normal in human beings.
  • Ability to identify and understand the impact of unconscious bias.
  • Strategies to address unconscious bias in the workplace.
Course Specs:
Target Audience: Individual contributors, managers, teams
Minimum Recommended Length: 90 minutes
Delivery Method: 
  • Didactic instruction and in-class discussion
  • Preparation for future application
  • Self-reflection

Maximum Number of Participants: 25

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