KGA Services Overview

We can assist with whatever life throws at you.

Services Overview

Highlighting Caregiver Support

Welcome to KGA.

We are your Employee Assistance Program, provided by your employer and available to you and your household members. This is a free and confidential program providing solutions and support to busy people managing busy lives.

We can provide personal, confidential assistance for:

Counseling - In-person, phone or video sessions to help resolve emotional and mental health issues available to adults (18 and older) unless otherwise specified
Crisis - Immediate intervention for depression, anxiety, substance misuse and risk of harm to oneself or others
Convenience - Referrals for services ranging from pet sitting and house cleaning to fitness classes and continuing education resources
Eldercare - Consultations and referrals to meet the needs of elders and the families supporting them
Family - Referrals for childcare needs and support for parenting challenges. Access to family/couples counseling
Financial - Consultations with licensed professionals regarding debt management, budgeting and financial planning
Legal - Consultations with an attorney and referrals for most legal issues*
Nutrition - Consultations with a dietician on weight management, food allergies, children's nutrition and other dietary questions
Stress - Assessment of stress level and techniques/tips for managing stress
Work - Job performance consultations and career exploration services

For a more comprehensive list of services we provide, please click here to learn more.