Coaching Solutions

Coaching for Employees at All Levels

KGA offers coaching to all organizational levels. This ranges from individual contributors and managers to senior executives. Our goal is to help individuals examine their current performance and create real-world strategies to achieve desired outcomes. Our experienced coaches can assist with: ย 

  • General developmental growthย (e.g. manager or leadership development)
  • Transitional developmentย accompanying a promotion
  • Interventions around specific issues, such as performance and behavioral issues

We believe every coaching engagement is unique and multidimensional. Flexibility is crucial in our approach. Coaching sessions can last a few hours or become longer-term commitments to guide individuals through transitions and complex changes.

KGA Coaching is:

  • Priced for fee, separate from your contract with KGA.
  • Available to use with your FRB.
  • Required to have approval from an employer.

To discuss a coaching engagement, contact Wynne Meyer โ€“

Call us today at 800-648-9557 or Email us at