EAP Services

Families Under Stress

If you are concerned about someone in your family or there is a challenge affecting your family, you do not have to manage this alone.  KGA’s Licensed Counselors are here to help identify clinical needs and, if indicated, will recommend counseling (for individual, couple, or family) and provide a referral.  They can also offer emotional support, coaching, and consultation as you choose the best path for you and your family.  
 Parents/guardians often contact KGA for these and many other concerns:
  • Death of a family member, friend, or pet
  • Communication skills and parenting differences
  • Responding to the mental health needs of a family member, including substance misuse 
  • Processing divorce
  • A difference in the family (ex., chronic illness, special need, etc.)
  • Blended family struggles
  • Infidelity and other betrayals

How do I begin?
You can contact KGA the following ways:
  • Phone: 800-648-9557
  • Email: info@kgreer.com
  • Self-Schedule: You can arrange to receive a call from one of our Licensed Counselors
using the calendar below.

Call us today at 800-648-9557 or Email us at info@kgreer.com

We are here to help.