EAP Services


KGA has developed a resource for non-medical sleep issues called the KGA Sleep Coaching Program.

This program is available for employees and family members of our client organizations and provides a variety of services.

Sometimes sleep disturbances are indications of an underlying medical condition. The Sleep Program is not a substitute for advice from your health care provider. No matter what your situation, the EAP will be able to help you determine the next steps.

KGA Sleep Coaching Program:
  • A thorough assessment of possible factors impairing your sleep
  • A sleep diary to pinpoint your specific habits
  • Articles, resources, and personalized education about proper sleep hygiene
  • Three telephone coaching sessions with customized suggestions to address your specific sleep issues
  • Email check-ins with an EAP counselor
  • A post-intervention assessment
  • Follow-up and additional resources as needed

How do I begin?
You can contact KGA the following ways:
  • Phone: 800-648-9557
  • Email: info@kgreer.com
  • Self-Schedule: You can arrange to receive a call from one of our Licensed Counselors
using the calendar below.

Call us today at 800-648-9557 or Email us at info@kgreer.com

We are here to help.