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Welcome to this month's wellness feature, Coping with COVID-19.

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  • The EAP service spotlight, each month focuses on a unique EAP offering to support you and your household members

Webinar - Managing and Supporting Others Who are Grieving

Presenter: KGA's Vice President of Clinical Services, Kristin Matthews, LICSW

This webinar is for managers and supervisors supporting grieving employees. Kristin Matthews will discuss how our responses to loss are impacted by COVID-19 circumstances, and what managers and supervisors can do to support employees who have lost loved ones. Kristin will also address what to do when a member of your own team passes away, and how KGA can provide support you during these times. Participants may ask questions via chat.


Webinar - Grief in the Time of COVID

Presenter: KGA's Clinical Director, Laura Jacobson, LICSW

This webinar is for anyone experiencing loss during this period. Laura Jacobson will explain how grieving has been complicated by COVID-19 circumstances, and how to cope with the additional loss of jobs, school closings, and rituals like graduations, funerals, and weddings. Laura will also review the ways in which KGA can assist employees and their household members during these sad and challenging times. Participants may ask questions via chat.


Webinar - EAP Program Overview for Managers

Outline of EAP Manager session:
  • Overview of EAP services
  • Various ways in which the EAP serves as a valuable tool for managers/supervisors
  • How to recognize when an employee has a personal problem
  • ·How to refer an employee to the EAP
  • ·Case study: scenario-based case study reviewed to help participants identify issues, discuss approaches to helping employees, and clarify the accountability of a manager when faced with employees in need of assistance


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