Food and Mood

Eating the right diet makes a huge difference to overall health and happiness. Join us to learn how food affects mental health and practical ways to improve our nutritional habits.

Webinar - (Special Event) - Navigating Back to a "Normal" School Year

All over the country, families have felt the real challenges of the past year โ€” working from home, first responders, balancing childcare needs, distance learning โ€” and for many of us, it's impacted our mental health and our family's well-being. As we slowly get into "normal times" and the return to in-person school, parents and caregivers will be navigating yet another transition for their family. Join us to hear from our team of behavioral health experts on how to navigate the transition and support behavioral health and well-being for our kids and ourselves.


Webinar - Feeding Your Head

Presented by Heidi Roth
As stress and anxiety are becoming an increasingly common complaint, more and more research is supporting the concept that what you eat and how you feel are connected. This is especially true when it comes to your mental health, and in recognition of this, there is a new field of study called Nutritional Psychiatry. In this session, participants will learn which nutrients and foods are particularly beneficial to help keep their brain healthy, relaxed and happy!


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