Practicing Self-Care

Prioritizing our health while feeling stressed can give us a sense of control. Self-care helps us remain balanced, reduces stress and increases our wellbeing.ย  This month we will explore solutions to help us alleviate burn out.ย 

Webinar - Stress Reduction: Self-Care Tools that Can Meet ANY Moment

We all experience effects of stress, and our minds and bodies respond to this in profound ways.ย  This session provides an overview on tools available to you at any time to alleviate the stress response, including mindfulness, foundational as part of an effective brain training program. Join us as we explore solutions to help us to meet our lives with calmer and wiser responses, including proven practices to alleviate common feelings of โ€œtoo muchโ€.ย  Whatever you are experiencing, these are valuable tools for clarity and peace of mind.


Webinar - KGA Overview for Managers

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP), KGA, is a free, confidential service that provides counseling and work-life assistance to managers, employees and adult household members. Learn how the EAP can save you stress, time and money by providing support for practical and personal issues. No problem is too big or too small, and no one will know you called.


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Find out how KGA's professional counselors can assist you today.

Additionally, KGA also provides a self-assessment in a variety of topics such as depression, substance use, PTSD, anxiety etc. Please click here to take an online assessment,ย 

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