Financial Freedom

Financial freedom happens when we have sufficient savings and are able to manage our debts. Join us as we review tools to face any financial crisis and achieve financial freedom. 

Webinar - Managing your Debt

Many of us owe on some type of debt. Whether it's student loans or credit cards, debt can feel impossible to manage. Join us as we all learn the best strategies for repayment and building savings.


Webinar - KGA Service Overview for Employees

KGA, your new Employee Assistance Program, is a free, confidential service that provides counseling and work-life assistance to employees and adult household members.  Learn how KGA can save you stress, time and money by providing support for practical and personal issues. No problem is too big or too small, and no one will know you called. 

Today’s program will cover: 

  • Overview of services for stress management, legal and financial issues, childcare and eldercare, relationship concerns, nutrition consultations and more 
  • What happens when you call KGA 


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