Renewing Hope in the New Year

2021, like all new years, offers optimism and renewal.  It is up to each of us to generate hope within ourselves and our families.  Many people have reported feeling disheartened from the uncertainty of the future. This month’s resources offer practical ways to create a positive and empowering beginning to 2021.   

Webinar - Building Resiliency During Challenging Times

Each of us has the capability to adapt and to overcome challenges and adversity. We can manage stress, even in the most difficult of situations, while minimizing its impact on our overall well-being. We grow, not in spite of our circumstances, but because of them.  Resilience is not an inherent quality or trait that some people have or do not have.  It involves behaviors, thoughts and actions that can be learned and developed. In this one-hour webinar, discover proven and powerful methods to enhance your flexibility and adaptability to ever present change, building your own personal strategy for resilience.


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