Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology is an evidenced-based approach to increase our capacity to flourish and fully appreciate our lives. People with a higher ratio of “positivity” to “negativity” have more energy and better overall health. This month we will explore ways to embody gratitude, combat negativity and uncover more joy in our lives.

Webinar - Pathways to Joy: Focusing on What Matters

Positive Psychology is not about putting on a happy face that covers over our important life struggles. It is about diminishing our suffering by amplifying our authentic well-being. It is an evidenced-based approach for increasing our capacity for flourishing, and for fully appreciating our lives. People who have a higher ratio of “positivity” to “negativity” have more energy and better health. In this workshop, we will review several forms of positivity, such as well being,  meaning, engagement, humor and gratitude. We will talk about the value of knowing and practicing our signature strengths. We will end by exploring several ways to increase our positivity in daily life.


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