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Sleep is a powerful tool when we are mindful of how to optimize it. Join us as we explore our unique sleeping habits and discover how to achieve sound sleep that can prepare us for all situations.

Webinar - Ask the Sleep Expert

Sometimes it seems as though the “new normal” is tired, foggy, restless, and forgetful. These moods along with many conditions like anxiety, depression, obesity, and learning disorders are very associated with poor and insufficient sleep. In this webinar/presentation, you’ll get to ask any sleep-related question whether personal, theoretical, or “just for a friend”. Rick Clerici a Clinical Sleep Educator and Behavioral Sleep Therapist is ready to answer any question and offer you a simple plan to improve your sleep.

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KGA has developed an exciting new program for non-medical sleep issues called the KGA Sleep Coaching Program.

Additionally, you can take a self-assessment on factors that may lead to sleep issues such as depression and anxiety. Please click here to take an online assessment.

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