Suicide Prevention: Listen. Ask. Get Help.

This is for every one of us. We can all learn the risk factors for suicide, recognize the signs, and maintain a mental health awareness for ourselves and those around us.  Each day thousands of people experience loneliness, depression, and suicidal feelings - all of which are hard to detect in an increasingly virtual world. Join us and make a difference.  Listen.  Ask.  Get help.

Webinar - How to Support Those at Risk for Suicide

Presented by Samaritans
Community connectedness has a role to play in reducing the stigma associated with suicide and mental illness – a stigma which inhibits people from discussing their feelings and challenges. This connectedness is especially important during tough times like the COVID-19 pandemic, when individuals are isolated and under extraordinary stress. Break the silence and initiate conversation at an upcoming workshop on suicide prevention and mental health and wellness. You will leave the workshop with the skills and knowledge to better understand the specific challenges facing a variety of groups, and how to best help someone who may be struggling. During the workshop, you will learn how to:

· Learn how to ask directly about suicidal intent and
· How to best support those in crisis
· Recognize warning signs and risk factors of suicide
· Find resources to help yourself or a loved one
· Manage stress and develop effective coping skills through discussion, safety planning, and self-care


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