Holiday Stress

As autumn arrives, it’s already time to start thinking about plans for the holidays. This month’s resources will demonstrate how self-care, realistic expectations, and simple pleasures can help us successfully navigate the season.

Webinar - ‘Tis the Season: Practical Tips for Managing Holiday Stress - November 9 at 12PM Eastern (60 minutes)

‘Tis the season for unrealistic expectations, hectic schedules, financial stress, unhealthy habits, and unpredictable (or perhaps quite predictable!) family dynamics. The heightened stress of the holiday season impacts 8 out of every 10 Americans, so ask yourself ...is it really “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?” Perhaps your answer is an enthusiastic “yes”, a resounding “no”, or somewhere in between. Regardless of how you feel about the upcoming holidays, stress levels are higher for most people and this session will help you create a plan for a happy and healthy holiday season. 

Attendees will: 
  • Acknowledge both positive and negative aspects of the holidays 
  • Identify common sources of holiday stress 
  • Learn practical, realistic tips to reduce holiday stress 
  • Reflect on traditions – both old and new – and create meaningful moments 
  • Understand how self-care, realistic expectations, and simple pleasures can help you navigate the season 


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