Virtual Peer Support Groups

Receive group support sessions.

KGA has partnered with HeyPeers to deliver a video-based peer support program to you.

What Is It?

HeyPeers allows people to safely and securely browse and join support conversations and meetings by video or chat. Each meeting is conducted by an expert that facilitates the discussion around topics such as anxiety, depression recovery, bipolar and much more.

How Does It Work?

Once you have signed up and created your account, you will straight away gain access to group discussions. Each meeting that you register for has a topic that addresses a bigger focus. Due to the nature of it being personal, and keeping within the discussion framework, there are limited seats available per meeting. However, there are opportunities to register for meetings daily, so you won’t find yourself missing out.

To Learn more about HeyPeers, watch this video below:

What Do I Receive When I Enroll?

Up-to 10 HeyPeers Certified group meetings at no cost to you.

What Do I Not Receive?

1 on 1 coaching support (You can still receive this support however KGA does not cover the cost)

How To Join A Meeting? Click Here To Be Directed To HeyPeers Help Page

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