Formula Shortage Tips

The ability to feed and nourish our children is one of the highest priorities of any parent. The recent shortage and recall of many infant formulas have caused anxiety and stress for families. KGA has Counselors, Work-Life Specialists and a Lactation Consultant are available to provide in-the-moment support to address your concerns about this national crisis.

The following steps may help to manage this shortage and potentially secure the formula you may need for your infant: 
  • Confirm that the formula you feed your infant has been recalled. You can check your lot number
  • here.
  • Call your OB/GYN or pediatrician. They may have samples in the office or can suggest more readily available formula that is similar to your child’s usual formula.
  • Do not discard formula unless it is expired or part of the recall.
  • Join local social media groups (such as parenting groups) and post your needs. Someone in your community may be able to help.
  • Check smaller stores and drug stores.
  • Be flexible on the brand name.

DO NOT (as recommended by The American Academy of Pediatrics):
  • Make your own formula at home
  • Water down formula
  • Use toddler formula to feed infants
  • Give cow’s milk to children under 6 months old
    • After 6 months, speak to your pediatrician to determine best next steps


Manufacturer Hotlines

Community Resources
  • United Way’s 2-1-1
    • Dial 2–1-1 to be connected to a community resource specialist affiliated with United Way who may be able to help you identify food pantries and other charitable sources of local infant formula and baby food.
  • Feeding America
    • Call your local food bank to ask whether they have infant formula. 
  • Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA)
    • Certain HMBANA-accredited milk banks are distributing donated breast milk to mothers in need; please note that some may require a prescription from a medical professional. 

WIC-Eligible Families

If you need additional information or would like to speak with a counselor or work-life specialist, please call KGA at 800-648-9557 or email us at We are available 24/7 to assist with your concerns.

Sources: and American Academy of Pediatrics