Celebrating Black History Month

February is dedicated to celebrating Black culture and to honoring the contributions and achievements of Black Americans. Please join KGA as we strengthen our understanding of the countless ways in which Black Americans have shaped our country in medicine, science, technology, the humanities, education, government, the arts, and many more.

Black History Month not only reminds Americans of the need to continually learn about the past, but also of our duty to increase awareness of unconscious bias, racism, discrimination, inequality and what one can do to cultivate change.

KGA believes that celebrating Black History is essential, however, one month is not enough. It must be an ongoing and dedicated process. We invite you to join us on this path by exploring the resources below:

Why Is Black History Month in February?
The Continuing Importance of Black History Month
How Black Lives Matter is Changing Black History Month

“To know the past is to know the present. To know the present is to know yourself.” ― Ibram X. Kendi; anti-racist activist, author, historian, professor.