Lifestyle Preparedness

There is no “one size fits all” opportunity for having a baby. You do not need to rearrange your entire life just to prepare for a baby.  It starts with being honest about yours and your partner’s needs. What are your schedules, resources, employer benefits, financial demands, social/family network, etc.?  With this information you can assess how your “lifestyle” will accommodate a growing family, and what changes may be necessary.  It’s important to understand:

  • How you and your partner’s expectations for parenthood align.  This may get into parenting roles, having available time, and how work is shared
  • What childcare resources you have vs. what you will need
  • To what degree hobbies and other activities (e.g. travel, nights out, participation on sports teams, etc.) will fit with a child in the picture
  • More subtle things like parenting styles, religious observances and the role of extended family

Some “lifestyle” issues are clear at the beginning, but others may be more difficult to identify.  Like anything else, getting insight from people with learned experience can be very helpful. If you have any questions or concerns, please book a free consultation with a KGA counselor today to assist you in your preparation.

How do I begin?
You can contact KGA the following ways:

  • Schedule a consultation using the portal below at a time convenient for you.
  • Phone: 800-648-9557
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