Financial Preparedness

When planning for a baby, it is not just about the cute clothes and the newest stroller, it involves a big financial commitment throughout your baby’s growing years. It is estimated that the cost of raising a child is at least $260,000 from birth to late teens. Therefore, it’s important to understand:

  • How much of childbirth costs are covered by your health insurance. Just having the baby is expensive.  
  • What your pre-baby budget looks like.  What can you afford to be prepared?
  • Your post-delivery budget including recurring costs such as care, diapers, special food/formula and household expenses.
  • Long-term financial plans, taking into consideration future costs of daycare, summer camps, sports, and college.

If you have questions or concerns about becoming financially “baby ready,” please book a free consultation with a KGA counselor today to assist you in getting started on your baby journey.

How do I begin?
You can contact KGA the following ways:

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