You’ve long anticipated sending your kids to college. As the day draws closer, you’ve probably noticed that like many things associated with teenagers, college related decisions can be emotionally intense.  Preparation can help create a smooth transition into and through college

Being prepared for college involves multiple factors. For most of us the cost of higher education is a significant variable in many college decisions. Assembling short and long-term financial plans is critical and often the first thing on our minds. There is also your teen’s readiness to consider.  How equipped are they to navigate this change?  What will they need from you? Finally, there is you.  What will life be like when your teen leaves home? How will your role as a parent change? Some preparation can make this big transition feel less foreign. 

Where would you like to begin?
  • Financial Preparedness – Identify a feasible path by which you can afford to send your teen to college
  • Supporting Your Teen – Assist your teen in becoming emotionally ready to step successfully into college
  • Self-Preparation – Anticipate what life will be like and the adjustments you may need to make when your teen is at college
What do we know for sure? Every college decision and sendoff are unique as the teen and family going through them. Preparation dedicated to each of these topics is relevant to a successful college experience.  How this preparation takes shape will reflect you, your teen and your family.