Wherever you are in the process, there can be a host of accompanying thoughts, feelings, and practical concerns that shift in prominence from day-to-day.

A divorce can touch all parts of life: your mental health, your finances, your family and social circles. You may have recently learned, without warning, that your spouse wants a divorce, or perhaps you have been considering the decision for quite some time. KGA is here to help you respond to this life changing process with support, guidance, and information.

 Where would you like to begin?
·   Legal consultation – learn your rights with respect to custody agreements and your assets (i.e., property, 401K, pension, investments, etc.)
·   Psychological resiliency– receive emotional support as you (and your children) move through this change process.
·   Financial consultation – plan wisely, especially if your saving and spending plan needs adjustment during this transition

What do we know for sure? Every one of these areas is important when going through a divorce. No two divorces look alike. We invite you to contact KGA today to discuss how we can assist you.