Losing a loved one is a powerful experience.  After a loved one dies, you are propelled into unfamiliar internal and external processes.  

You may be called upon to plan services, receive the outreach of those expressing condolences, sort through your loved one’s physical belongings, help in probate/estate matters, resolve their debts and assets, and then return to work – often when the grief is most acute.  All the while, each day you are discovering how the person’s absence affects you. KGA is here to help as you mourn your loved one while you tend to legal and financial matters.

 Where would you like to begin?
  • Legal consultation - An estate attorney provides guidance as you make decision and process documents for your loved one’s estate
  • Psychological Resiliency - Individual counseling and support groups are available to you, your partner, or your child(ren)
  • Financial consultation - Receive recommendations and learn the options as you take stock of your loved one’s assets, debts, gifts, and/or inheritance

What do we know for sure? Every one of these areas is important when dealing with grief. We invite you to contact KGA today to assist you through this difficult time.