If you have been the target of identity theft,ย  KGA is here to help. ย  Each year, millions of people experience financial identity theft to varying degrees, with impacts ranging from moderate annoyance to serious financial, legal, and emotional disruption.ย 

In addition to financial identity theft, other types of identity theft can occur that require different steps to resolve.ย  After learning that your personal information was compromised and/or that your identity was stolen, it is important to act quickly.ย  A KGA counselor will explain the steps that you need to take and help you develop an action plan. They will also provide referrals to other professionals, resources,ย  and offer emotional support through the process.

ย Where would you like to begin?
  • Financial Consultation - A consultant will offer guidance and discuss how to work with creditors when identity theft impacts your ability to pay your bills
  • Emotional Support - Receive support when experiencing an increase in anxiety, fear, or agitation, and/or having difficulty sleeping or concentrating
  • Legal Consultation - Learn your rights and options when issues cannot be resolved directly with creditors and other institutions

What do we know for sure? Every one of these areas when dealing with identity theft. We invite you to contact KGA today to discuss how we can assist you.