The choice to commit to another person is one of the most significant decisions you will make. 

Whether you have married before, are engaged for the first time, or are considering marriage, there are many important conversations and considerations to explore before the big day! While one can never be fully ready for marriage, all relationship experts agree that there are certain topics best approached before marriage.

Where would you like to begin?
  • Pre-marital couples counseling and/or individual consultation  -  Strengthening the relationship, illuminating important issues, easing any existing tension, and preventing conflicts. 
  • Financial consultation - Becoming informed and prepared for the financial costs of marriage.
  • Legal consultation - Understanding there are legal implications and related matters that may change or shift.

What do we know for sure?    Discussing important issues, in advance of marriage, will improve your relationship, right now, and will help you and your partner develop the communication skills necessary to endure difficulties along your journeys.