Pre-marital couples counseling and/or individual consultation

If you are engaged or only thinking about it, premarital counseling is a great way to further strengthen the relationship, illuminate important issues, ease any existing tension, and prevent conflicts.  We often seek the consultation of professionals before making a variety of important decisions; why not do so when it comes to matters of the heart?  An unbiased professional counselor can help you and your partner to share expectations, hopes, concerns, questions, and even worries.   
Here are some topics best discussed prior to marriage:
  • Financial status, goals, and budget 
  • Roles 
  • Skills and tools to resolve conflict in healthy ways
  • Children and parenting 
  • Professional and/or educational goals 
  • Sexuality and intimacy
  • Degree of family involvement in your lives 
  • Independence/alone-time
  • Recreation, travel, holidays, vacations

A premarital counselor can help couples to better understand one another’s values, beliefs, and priorities and assist in areas where more thorough processing and understanding is needed.   Also, if you prefer to have a confidential ‘space’ to first get clarity without your partner’s presence, KGA can provide that, too.
How do I begin?
You can contact KGA the following ways:

  • Schedule a consultation using the portal below at a time convenient for you.
  • Phone: 800-648-9557
  • Email: