Sleep Webinar

Sleep, Peace And Immunity During Challenging Times:

In this webinar we will examine the stresses, changes and issues that arise during challenging times such as pandemics and national disasters. These kinds of large-scale stressors can create their own unique challenges to sleep, health and family life.

We will explore some effective tools for creating various levels of relaxation and inner peace, along with behavioral changes that are designed to address these unique challenges to sleep quality.

The training closes with a guided deep relaxation that creates a muscle memory of mindfulness and physical/emotional calm.

Presenter: Rick Clerici C.Ht

Rick, has worked with panic/anxiety and sleep disorders for the past 33 years in private practice and in the corporate wellness world. Rick creates fatigue management strategies and programs for corporations, hospitals and universities. Rick is a clinical sleep educator, behavioral sleep therapist, Certified Hypnotherapist and meditation instructor.