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Millenials and Money

In this special episode, Sam Sanders of NPR's "It's Been A Minute" talks with financial journalist Hannah Seligson and Aminatou Sow from the podcast "Call Your Girlfriend" about why millennials are so financially intertwined with their parents

7 Tips To Help You Get Out Of Debt

It's easy to get into debt, but harder to get out of it โ€” especially if you don't have a plan. This episode offers strategies to help you pay off debt.

Spend Savvier, Save Smarter: 5 Tips to Stop Stress Spending

We could all stand to stretch our cash a little further right now. Life Kit teamed up with financial expert Tiffany Aliche, also known as the Budgetnista, for tips about how to separate needs from wants, stop stress-spending and save for the future. (This episode originally published in September 2020.)

The Emotions Behind Money

Money isn't just about numbers. It's about emotions, too. Tiffany 'The Budgetnista' Aliche's new book unpacks the relationships we all have with finances so you can make the most of your cash.

5 Steps To Eating Healthy On A Budget

Dietitian Shana Spence joins Life Kit to share her tips to making nutritious meals without spending more than necessary. (This episode originally ran in October 2020.)

Improving Your Credit Score

A strong credit score can make major purchases and financial transactions much easier. Here's how to make yours better and keep it high.