When thinking about your physical wellness it is important to make good choices to live a healthy and balanced life. For most people, it is hard to understand where and how to begin when it comes to their physical wellness.

With only 35 โ€“ 44% of adults 75 years or older physically active, 28-34% of adults ages 65-74 physically active, and 40-47% of adults aged 35-50 physically active, why not begin your physical wellness journey today?

The critical choices we are faced with are:

  • When it comes to your fitness and health, understanding your limitations and what your body can handle is important
  • Deciding which plan will fit your goals and lifestyle
  • Knowing your body and recognizing the aging signs to prevent future injury

The steps that are needed to take are:

  • Developing a personalized plan to fit your needs
  • Keeping track of your overall health
  • Being consistent with your goals each week

The bumps and roadblocks that you are faced with are:

  • Getting into the weekly habit of "The Gym Plan Starts Tomorrow"
  • Climbing over the hurdle of the first step
  • Being unsure about where or how to begin on your journey