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Finding Happiness in Health by Chris Libby AND Chair Yoga for Everyone by Alka Kaminer with Live Happy

Live Happy takes you on a journey to find your authentic happiness in life, at work and at home through inspiring stories and hands-on tips rooted in the science of positive psychology.

Jumpstart Your Way to Healthy Habits AND Looking To Boost Your Health After 50 by Susan Kolon

Susan Kolon of Kolon Performance Strategies shares two short posts covering how to jumpstart your way to healthy habits, and how to boost health after age 50.

You Don't Have to Love It โ€“ The Secret to Getting Started by Josie Michelle Davis on How to Create Healthy Habits

Josie Michelle Davis shares how to get started on healthy habits.

Finding Your Health and Fitness Pace

Many people believe that any health and fitness endeavor must be a full-on sprint. They start a new diet and don't take into account how they're going to sustain it over the long haul. On this episode, we talk about how to find your pace.

How to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle While Traveling

One of the hardest things to do when trying to lose weight and get fit is to maintain your new lifestyle when you're traveling. On this episode, I share my best tips and tricks for staying healthy and fit when you're on the road.

The Top 10 Weight Loss Myths for People Over 40

Today we discuss the top 10 weight loss myths for people over 40. I've broken these into 3 categories/focus areas: Exercise, Nutrition, and Mindset.